3 Reasons to Hire a Content Writer for Business Growth

Start-up businesses with physical stores and a website, for small and medium enterprises who want to extend their reach through the web, and e-commerce sites all have the same problem sooner or later. How can they make sure their sites will rank well in search engines and lead to conversions?

These are good reasons for hiring content writers. To individuals used to one- or two-liner ads, they may consider article content as website fillers. However, good content draws organic traffic to the site, increases search engine rankings, and grows conversions and sales.

Why Do You Need a Content Writer?

Content is King

“Content is King” is the catchphrase of many content writing and SEO service providers, so much so that few know where has come from. The man who coined the term is none other than Bill Gates, speaking in 1996 about the future of the internet. He begins: “Content is where I expect much of the real money will be made on the internet.

“If people are to be expected to put up with turning on a computer to read a screen, they must be rewarded with deep and extremely up-to-date information that that they can explore at will. […] They need an opportunity for personal involvement that goes far beyond that offered through letters-to-the-editor pages of print magazines.”

Content Writers Are An Investment

Some businesses consider content writers a necessary evil to the website, needed because the owner does not have the time to regularly write articles for and update the site. If content writers are chosen for that purpose alone, they really will feel like necessary evils.

Content writers are an investment when they understand the purpose and focus of the website, and write solid, high-quality content that is relevant, informative, and optimized to rank high in search engines.

Content Writers Apply SEO Tactics to Increase Search Engine Rankings

Good content writers are those who know a certain amount about copywriting and a whole lot about Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tactics. One of the biggest struggles of businesses trying to grow their online presence is their search engine rank.

Sometimes, their businesses rank so low that they don’t even come up when the business name is typed into the search engine. Good content writers are those who know how to optimize the written content for search engine rankings.

They make sure the website can be found through good focus keywords in the copy. They also know that search engines can find content easier if the keywords are in the URL, the title, the meta description, the H1 tag, and so forth.

The best content writers are those who can write strong, high-quality, and engaging copy. After all, what good are high-ranking sites when the content does not engage the reader? Search engines also take into account how long web users stay on pages. The longer they take–the more they read the entire article–the higher search engines rank them.

Hiring A Content Writer: A Sound Business Decision

As more and more people turn to the internet for information and interaction, hire a content writer is a worthwhile investment. The content writer creates strong, readable, linkable content for the web users. At the same time, he or she also optimizes the content for the search engines to find. Page rankings rise, and the audience is increased and reached out to.


What Does a Content Writer Do?

Freelancers and business websites alike probably look at the term “content writer” and think: what on earth is that? Business websites wonder why they would ever pay money for written content and freelancers wonder if they could actually earn just writing content.

After all, the title looks like it belongs to someone who can type paragraphs with his or her eyes closed, just to create “content.” Content is such a wide, vague word. The truth is, if a content writer were to be described, it would take a 500-word (or longer) article; just like this one. To put it simply, content writers are the key to website success.

3 Reasons Content Writers are Key to Website Success

Content Writers are Internet Research Experts

For a website to have credibility and worthwhile outbound links, the research that goes into it must come from credible, high-authority sources. A website’s resource of choice cannot be Wikipedia, even if that is where they start.

Good content writers know how to follow the virtual trail from one resource to another to find the data they need. They also know what statistics to look for that will back up the content, and know how to link to non-competitive resources.

Research slows down business owners who write for and update their own sites. Research takes time they could use for networking or promotion. It only makes sense to let content writers take care of that.

Content Writers Write Content

A tautology? Yes. But as any child attempting a classroom essay knows, well-written, organized, properly proofread content is not something that comes quickly to everyone. Content writers are able to take a topic, research it through, and then turn the data into organized content.

Good content writers are able to wade into data and pull the details into some kind of sense and structure. They are then able to create an article that uses these details to make the central point of the article. They are also able to make the article relevant to a business. This kind of structured thinking is crucial for good content.

Content Writers Optimize Content for SEO Purposes

Being able to research quickly and well, and organize ideas for well-written content, are both important skills for content writers to have. However, the best content writers are those who have the SEO skills needed to bring a webpage to the top of the search engine rankings.

Good content writers pay attention to focus keywords that help search engines find and index the content properly. They weave the keywords naturally into the overall content, without practicing bad SEO tactics like keyword-stuffing or bland filler content. They know where to place the keywords so that search engines find it easier to index the page.

Basically, content writers can not only write well-researched, structured content, they can make sure that the website’s message makes it those it is intended for. Basically, SEO makes sure that search engines become effective platforms for the website’s voice to be heard.

Content Writers: An Integral Part of Online Communication

Any website made has a message or central focus that it would like to present to the world. Whether it is an e-commerce site or a personal blog, the driver of each site is content. Content writers are the key to strong, authority ranking websites.

3 Essential Elements of Eye-Catching Headlines

Even with excellent content, good headlines are needed to hook the readers into moving on to the article proper. Headlines and copy titles are a virtual headache to amateur copywriters, and they often leave them to sit and stew until the end of the writing session. Only then do they grab at a headline and stick it in, happy the article is complete.

How Important Are Headlines?

If we look at an article as the meeting point of the reader and the content writer, the headlines are a greeting, introduction, and invitation to know the writer better. In other words, the first line of copy is not in the first paragraph, but in the headlines. For news and copy articles, the titles.

What Elements Should An Eye-Catching Headline Have?

Despite Google’s emphasis on strong, quality content, there will always be some headlines that get more clicks-through than others. These are headlines that take into account the way people think and give weight to what they see.

Numbers Usually Work

Behavioralism is a big word, but all it describes is a mode of thought that assigns much more weight and value to what is quantifiable, or knowable in terms of numbers. It is a mindset that has survived because numbers are the easiest kind of data to read. In other words, when people see numbers, they immediately and automatically assign more weight to them.

Articles that begin with numbers grab the eye faster for that reason. Books and articles with the “Top 10” or “1001” always have a bigger pull than those without. To draw readers’ eyes, numbers are a basic necessity.

Strong Adjectives Provide Power

Stop for a second and pull up different adjectives that can be used to describe products or anything else that can be described. Think in terms of ratings. 5-star. Second-rate. Best. Essential. Mind-blowing. Successful.

Start with a number to catch the eye and put weight into the headlines. Follow up with a strong adjective that convinces the reader that there is something new and unique they will find in the article.

An article labelled “5 Tips for Home Improvement” has nothing on “5 Essential Tips for Home Improvement.” The first simply suggests tips. The second says the reader needs to know what those tips are, that the tips are absolutely needed for daily life.

A Benefit Gives Them A Personal Reason to Read On

Copywriters always work with the assumption that the reader is looking for a benefit for him or herself. Content writers should do the same. The headlines should tell the reader exactly what they will learn, what they will come away with after reading the article.

“5 Essential Tips for Home Improvement” becomes “5 Essential Tips for A Visitor-Ready Home.” The first suggestion calls to homeowners who want to know how to fix up their houses in general. The second calls to homeowners who have a specific phobia about visitors popping into a house not ready for them (those who come too early or too late or without calling first).

Headlines Are Essential to Good Content Writing

Think in terms of numbers, strong adjectives, and benefits to the reader. Headlines written in this fashion are more likely to get click-throughs than those that simply write clever titles that only make sense after the article is read. If web users will not even read the article, the point is gone.